Rental rates include liability insurance, unlimited kilometers, maintenance, lubricants and assistance 24 hours. All extras not included, are charged to the applicable public fare price as well as general conditions of renta. VAT at the government rate applicable not included.

1) Minimum Rental:

Leasing has a minimum of 24 hours. Every hour of delay in return of the vehicle will be charged 20% of the daily. In delays of more than 2 hours will be charged one extra day rental.

2) Cancellations:

For confirmed rentals, must be made at least 3 days before the start of the rental.

3) Booking:

The terms of rental, date of delivery and return, are binding.

4) Payments:

The estimated cost of the rental has to be paid on contractual act and the final adjustment on the car return. To guarantee it, the customer must be credit card holder or € 500.00 (cash). The guarantee will be returned at the end of the lease to own, if there was no fault with the rented car. The respective invoices will be issued at the end of the lease.

5) Documents and equipment:

The car is delivered with sealed kilometer meter and normal tools, four tires marked, spare wheel or hole repair kit, with no visible defects and all documentation related to the vehicle.

6) Car Maintenance:

The customer assumes the responsibility for proper use and maintenance of the vehicle by checking regularly the oil, battery, tires, radiator water, etc.

7) Car Return :

The rental ends on the date set in the contract. The vehicle must be delivered in the good condition it was in the exit, except from normal use. If client desires to change the rental period, it shall first inform the Rent-a-Car Joana Duarte.

8) faults:

All defects that are not caused by normal wear car are paid by the customer. Any damage caused by shock at the bottom of the car, rims and caps, will be the customer's responsibility.

9) Accidents:

In case of accident, the client undertakes to inform by telephone Rent-a-car Joana Duarte and confirmed by letter within 24 hours and also to give knowledge to local authorities.

10) Legal provisions:

The client undertakes to use the vehicle for personal use only and must satisfy the Portuguese laws.

11) Customer Position:

The fuel, the garages parking, car washes and the fines during the rental period.

12) Fuel:

The car is delivered with a full tank and returned at the same conditions.

If the vehicle is returned to a lower level of fuel to the one who had at the time of your withdrawal will be charged a value determined in accordance with the principle of proportionality, which does not exceed the average costs for the refueling of vehicles, and the calculated average based on the costs of allocation of human resources and the movement of the vehicle for supplies.

13) Insurance:

Prices include third party liability insurance, leaving the client responsible for any damages or losses caused to the vehicle as well as the days of immobilization.

14) Collision damage waiver (CDW):

The Renter is responsible for any damage to Rent-a-car Joana Duarte vehicle as a result of an accident. You may accept the coverage clause for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), upon payment of an additional fee, in which case we only be liable up to the minimum excess amount for damage to the vehicle. However, even if the renter has accepted the clause (CDW), this will always be responsible when there are situations of fraud or gross negligence, such as driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other substances that affect the ability to react in case of serious breaches of the Highway Code and complementary legislation in force, calling into driving safety risk and / or vehicle, and also its use by unauthorized additional driver.

15) Super CDW (SCDW):

By paying the SCDW fee, the customer reduces the maximum compulsory excess to the value of € 50.00. However, even if it has accepted SCDW clause, he will always be responsible when there are situations of intent or gross negligence. The SCDW does not cover damage under the car, rims and tires destroyed.

16) Tires and rims, damage waiver(CPJ):

This insurance when hired in conjunction with CDW covers damage to the tires and rims, standing the customer responsible for repairs to the minimum of deductible € 50.00.

17) Personal Accident Insurance (PAI):

It has an additional cost of £ 3.50 and the following coverage for passengers and driver; Permanent disability or death € 14950,00 and € 1450,00 of medical expenses.


Vehicle return (Check-In):

The return of the vehicle "Check-In" will be required to be made by the customer, from a representative of the Rent-a-car Joana Duarte. When this does not occur the customer will be liable for damages presented to the vehicle whether you've purchased the CDW coverage, SCDW and CPJ.

The present text reflects the Standart Terms and Conditions. It seeks to inform the renter of the procedures to be adopted in the event of an accident, theft, fire or any vandalism acts. Failure to comply with the obligations set out in this addendum implies the sole responsibility of the lessee, even in case of subscription of clauses CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and SCDW (Super Franchise Exemption).

Rental End:

Rental ends on the day indicated in the contract and set by the client when starting the rental. If you want to extend the rental period, you shall first notify the hirer and proceed to the payment of the rental extension, otherwise we consider the car as missing and we'll proceed to proper reporting to authorities. Consequently any fees and penalties arising from breach of legal provisions, will be customer's responsibility.

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